Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catching up I: Annual Disneyland trip 2008

Time has really gotten away from me this semester. A lot has happened in the last 6 months! With finals over and finally a moment to spare, I figured I would take the time to catch up.

In 2006, Lauren, Alanna, and I started the annual fall Disneyland trip. In 2008, I brought Jason along (for a surprise birthday present) and his friend Erik met up with us for one day as well. Lauren had her new little addition, Malcolm, and Lauren's mom, Nadine, came.

No matter how old I get Disneyland still seems magical, especially at night. The first year we had dinner in the Blue Bayou (the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). We got to sit right by the water. Way cool.

Alanna, Nadine, Lauren, Malcolm, me, Jason, & Erik

I waited outside with Malcolm while the crew went on this ride. Yes I know I am a huge wuss

Jason and I in California Adventure

Little Malcolm and me. He was so fun!

Sleepy Jason

I love Hibiscus and this was one of the prettiest I've seen

We took a day to check out other parts of L.A. We drove through Hollywood and then down to Santa Monica pier so Jason could get his ocean fix.

Alanna under the pier

Jason and Alanna playing on the beach

The way home was a little odd. They told us to get to our plane we had to go down this creepy, long, hallway that was completely deserted. It felt like something out of a horror film.

A sign in the hallway

Jason wondering if it would ever end


lauren said...

mark your calendar for sept 30th to oct 6th (or any days in that week that work for you)! yay!!

ThatKateGirl said...

We have work and school so again have to make it short, but looks like we could plan to fly out on Friday Oct 2nd and leave Sunday Oct 4th.