Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disneyland 2009

So this year I promised myself I was going to get tons of pictures with all of us in them and.....failed miserably. I did get some really amazing videos, but for some reason they won't download to my computer. Hopefully I can figure it out soon and post them.

Portrait of Sally in the Haunted Mansion
Another slightly blurry Haunted Mansion picture
Alanna and Nadine going into Small World
My favorite picture of Lauren and Malcolm
Still getting the hang of the new camera
The entrance to D-Land
What a cool baby
Making a call
In California Adventure
A flower I fell in love with
Malcolm and Alanna waiting in line
The End

The outside

I finally have a few pictures of our new home to post. I was excited to get some shots of the fall leaves in our front yard. Inside pictures will come once we're completely moved in.

The Front
Our Cool Apple Tree
Cute Little Stairway on the Side
View From the Deck(it's way better at night)
I Love These Red Trees!
J and me