Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catching up IIII: The Utah Real Estate Challenge

When Spring semester started, one of my marketing teachers told our class about a competition sponsored by the University of Utah called the Utah Real Estate Challenge. The competition entailed developing some type of real estate proposal in Utah. The prize money was $20,000. He said if we entered this contest he would give us points that could be used to supplement other assignments in the class. He went around the class and asked if we thought we wanted to enter the competition or simply go along the regular track. It was an easy choice for me; The possibility of $20,000 or $0.........No question!

My team mates and I chose to propose the restoration of one of Salt Lake City's beautiful historic buildings. We selected the Crandall Building because of its history, its location, and mainly because our marketing teacher knew the owner. It was exciting to learn about the extensive history of the building and Salt Lake City as well. I, as I'm sure my team mates did, became very attached to this building and its very gracious owner Mr. Robert Crandall.

When we got to the finals we were ecstatic. It was a big deal for students in their 1st year at a community college to do so well against U of U and BYU students; many of whom were graduate students. Six teams advanced to the finals and those who did not win were still given $2,000. We worked hard and in the end, unofficially placed 2nd (we were told by one of the competition organizers that this was so). Winning certainly would have been nice, but I wouldn't trade the experience for all the world. I met many amazing people along the way. I would like to say a special thank you to our teacher Jeff Morrow. I would also like to thank Bob Moore and Vasilios Priskos.

Early Photos of the Crandall Building

These intricate carvings can be found everyone on the building
The Crandall Building in 2009 with City Creek development in the background

City Creek Promises to bring much attention to this area