Monday, June 15, 2009

House Hunting

So as I said before Jason and I have been looking at houses. Our two little condos just aren't working anymore. We need a place that is big enough for Jason, me, Stigma, Yankee, Gracie and all our stuff. In our search we've seen some interesting and fun places, but this was by far the most conversation worthy!

The house is 3,912 square feet in Holladay with an asking price of $329,900. For those of you who are not familiar with the Utah housing market, that is a STEAL! We decided to see why they were asking so little. First I thought maybe it was the street it was on. Nope, it was located at the end of a prestigious private road, surrounded by million dollar homes. Then I thought maybe the lot was small or needed attention. Nope, the lot was huge and filled with trees behind an attractive iron gate with a code. Our friend, and Realtor, Tony pulled the key from the lock box and said "I guess we're about to find out why it's priced so low." We were all thinking it must be trashed inside. Nope, other than some scary decorating decisions(the owners have an affinity for flowery wall paper and dead things. Bears, ducks, deer, coyotes, etc.) it was very nice. We were all stunned!

We walked onto the back deck and looked out over the sprawling yard. "How peaceful" we said. Then we noticed an odd little flower bed toward the back of the yard. A few stones surrounded what looked like fake mums. Mom laughed and said, "What if it's a grave?" Jason walked over as I dismissed it saying "It's probably just an oddly placed flower patch." Jason then looked back at us shocked and motioned for us to walk over. There at our feet, was a bronze plaque that read "Private Cemetery." Beneath that were the names of 35 people and the dates they had been the back yard! Ok, I like scary stuff, creepy stuff, intriguing stuff, but the thought of hitting a coffin while planting a nice hasta is just a little much even for me. Also, is it just me or does all the dead stuff inside the house now seem ironic?

Inside the home we found a large, hardbound, professionally printed, book with a history of the family who owned the home. What interesting people! We saw actual photographs of the folks who now rested just a few feet away.

Good luck to whoever ends up with the place, because it's a hell-of-a house! But the owner is responsible for taking care of that cemetery, legally, and as much as I respect the dead, I think it'd be awfully hard to have that hanging over you.

Did I mention I wholeheartedly believe the Zombie Apocalypse is near?