Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Year in Review

For the last year if you asked me what I'd been up to my most common answer was simply "school." Going back to school was certainly the best decision I've made, even if it did mean I turned into a rather boring conversationalist. However, life at Salt Lake Community College was anything but boring. Between my studies in the ever fascinating field of marketing, Collegiate DECA, and Student Government I was constantly moving! I got to do amazing service projects like Shriners/Build-a-Bear and Family Promise, work on student activities like the Jabbawockeez and Michelle Branch shows, and win national awards for my work in the marketing program. My efforts and accolades earned me a spot on stage at graduation as a "Graduate of Excellence"

as well as a SLCC website profile that included posters with my picture all over campus.

SLCC was definitely an amazing experience! The teachers there were phenomenal and the school in general simply can't be beat. It gave me the opportunity to experience success as I never had before and prepared me for the next step, and one I'd always dreamed of embarking on, a bachelors degree at Westminster College. I am so excited to be at Westminster. The Business Administration degree I am currently working on is a great compliment to my associates degree in Marketing Management. I miss all the involvement I had at SLCC, but I have internships and other activities to keep me busy. I am on the Collegiate DECA state team, which so far has been a great adventure. I am excited to to see where life will take me next!