Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Future Yard

Since the yard was possibly the biggest selling point when we bought our home, and we had tons of outdoor gatherings last summer, Jason and I decided to spend this spring making it really spectacular. I was going to wait until all the work was done to take pictures and post about it, but well I'm just too excited about what's in store so I figured I'd list some of the things we've done so far and plans for the next couple weeks. A couple weeks ago I planted a Bleeding Heart. Luckily our freak spring snow storms haven't done any real damage.
Plants that have been patiently waiting through this erratic weather to go next to the pond are:
A pink/orange Lily
Sweet Potato Vines(both colors)
Stone Crop
Snap Dragons
Labrador Violets
And New Guinea Impatiens
In addition to the pond, which I'll post a step-by-step about when it's done, we started planting our vegetable box. So far we've planted four types of tomatoes, jalapenos, and Crenshaw melons. I'm also planning on adding some watermelon, lettuce, and spinach.

I put a little box of Chocolate Mint and Peppermint on the brick pyramid that was there when we moved in. They smell SO yummy! I wish I could've found Spearmint too.

A slightly sad little Fuchsia.

Petunias in the pyramid. We also planted strawberries, basil, and Rock Cress here.
Items that are in the mail, or about to be, include:
50 Peacock Orchid/Lily bulbs

10 Ostrich Ferns.

10 Wild Ginger plants.

10 Trout Lilies.

10 Trillium plants.

25 Hosta Plants(2 different kinds).

And 100 Lily of the Valley Plants.
Plants I'm considering for the pond include:
Monkey Flower.

And Bloody Dock as well as several others.

* Note - not all photos were taken by me. Some are from garden stores/websites.


lauren ♥ said...

i love, love, love bleeding hearts sooo much! but of course i do, haha. i know you didn't take all of these photos, but the ones you did are very nice. i wish i could see your beautiful yard. too bad flights are so expensive during the summer.